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South Molton School

35 tonnes of beam and column structural steel in a red oxide primer finish as part of an expansion building for South Molton Infants School.
The project was for a full 2 story building structure with an broken dual pitch roof design.
For this project the client provided Devon Fabrication & Welding with all the required steel layout drawings which where then taken and turned into a full 3D model. This model was then used to help layout the concrete floor panels ensuring everything was compatible and support was placed correctly.
The Devon Fabrication & Welding team also installed all the steelwork along with fitting the first floor concrete flooring panels. This was a small and tight site, so the team had to ensure they worked methodically and all lifting was planned carefully.
South Molton School
South Molton School
South Molton School


11.5 tonnes of beam and column structural steel in a red oxide primer finish as part of a new housing development.
This project required Devon Fabrication to work closely with the client and associated engineers to iron out the finer points of the steel structure ensuring the steel integrated with the rest of the design as effectively and efficiently as possible.
This project consisted of two independent steel structures with numerous columns that had to land on many varying ground levels across the building site.
evesham devon fabrication 2
evesham devon fabrication
evesham devon fabrication 3
evesham devon fabrication 4


15 tonnes of structural and architectural steelwork.
This project consisted of a main free standing structure that acted as a bridge between two sections of an existing building, and a covered canopy above the main structure. The canopy was made up of numerous square frames that where then woven with willow timber poles by the client prior to final install.
All parts of the steel structure and canopy where installed by Devon Fabrication. The canopy structure was completely assembled on the floor prior to being lifted into place in one go.


10 tonnes of curved steel fitted to a new roof as part of an architectural skylight design.
Each roof arch required a number of angled cleats to be installed at set intervals across the arch radius to support the clients roof light system.
All steel was finished in a high quality paint finish, and all parts where installed by the Devon Fabrication team.

St John The Baptist

A smaller but very complex job that required very high quality surveying from the Devon Fabrication team and equally high quality fabrication and installation to achieve the desired finish by the client.
As well as one main run of curved and descending handrail, the client also requested that some of the existing straight handrail be extended, and a new post cap was required for a separate section. All parts had to match the existing with no obvious signs of modification.
st johns the baptist
st johns the baptist2
st johns the baptist3
st johns the baptist4


Two portal frame steel buildings, made up of 17 tonne and 14 tonne.
sutherland cars
sutherland cars2
sutherland cars3

Teign School

42 tonne of structural steel and 7 tonne of cold rolled cladding steel making up a new school building.
Devon Fabrication modeled, fabricated and installed all parts of this steel structure, including fitting the cold rolled cladding steels.
Due to all parts being modeled in 3D prior to fabrication and ensuring good communication with the client, all potential snags where caught prior to the building being erected speeding up the overall build time of the structure.
teign school
teign school2
teign school3
teign school4
teign school5
teign school6


10 tonnes of steel, including numerous curved rafters making up an architectural roof structure.
All parts modeled, fabricated and installed by the Devon Fabrication team.